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Favourites: 6 YouTubers New on my Radar

As someone who continually keeps saying, "I need more inspiration!" and constantly looking for places to get out of a rut, the internet does that for me. With social media, platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube? I usually can find a solution to solve that problem. I mean, this blog is surrounded with content about what I'm loving and what gets me going. And now, I found more! I had a blog post way back about Claire Marshall of Hey Claire and Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters, pretty much fangirling my way throughout saying why I love them and such a fan. They still remain to be my favourites, but over time, the subscription list have been growing.

I think it's so important to support and to encourage those around us, and I would like to show you some ladies I recently subscribed to, and hopefully you, or who ever gets the chance to read this, will go out and check them out.

I list down six of them and share a little blurb why. I even share which videos of theirs I loved so you can see for yourself if they're your cup of tea! I linked all their channels and credited their Instagrams (each photo with each link) and little bits and pieces there. So take a peak and see if you're following any one of them! 

Nikkie Tutorials

Bottom photos from her Instagram[x] [x] [x] 
I don't know how late I was to the game upon subscribing to her, but if you're not following Nikki on Nikki Tutorials, go do it! Now! Not only is she extremely talented in the make up department, but her personality is super charming and she's so funny! Her videos are straight to the point. She's descriptive, informative and tells you step-by-step what she uses and how. She's such a treat to watch.

Her Instagram is just as gorgeous and super fabulous. She has all the products used in the captions for each photo!!!! I can't tell you how much I love that! I think that's important when that's your speciality! She also has a blog, if you want to keep track as well!


Bottom photos from her Instagram[x] [x] [x]
One word to describe Serafina to me is adorable. I discovered her through the suggestions on YouTube and I'm so happy I clicked on her channel. Her videos are so cute and her fashion sense is just the same, even better. Her lookbooks and her outfit of the day videos are fresh and nicely put together that I literally went through each video one night and loving every moment. She's gorgeous and has gorgeous style, so please subscribe to her! You can also follow her on her Instagram as well! 

Collared Blouse

Bottom photos from her Instagram: [x] [x] [x] 
Funny story short: I discovered Theresa's YouTube channel on her Tumblr, which I have been following for the longest time! I was thinking of when (it was a long time) or exactly how I found her through Tumblr, but I did and she would post Tumblr posts linking them to her channel and that's what happened. I'm pretty sure I commented on one of her videos saying how I've been following her tumblr and then this and how much I'm a fan. Along those lines and adding a creeper hashtag in hopes I wouldn't embarrass myself, but alas. Here's her Instagram, so you can see her laid back and ever so cool style. 

Chrisalies Corners

Bottom photos from her Instagram: [x] [x] [x] 
Like always, I found Christina through my suggestions box on YouTube and yeah, again, so glad I clicked and wandered through her videos. She's fun, stylish, minimal (in the best of stylish ways) and her videos are so well put together. Her Instagram translates that aesthetic the same way. Plus I found out through her videos she loves Running Man, and hey, bonus points!  

Hey Dahye 

Bottom photos from her Instagram: [x] [x] [x] 
I found Dahye, you guessed it, through the suggestions box. The suggestion box have been really good to me, what can I say. Dahye is the recent add on to my ever growing list of who I'm subscribed  to and definitely not disappointed! Dahye has this great minimal style and keeps it simple and clean. I also love her blog and all the travels she's been on! I'm still in the midst of watching her videos, and she's super cool and chic. 

This Old Dress

Bottom photos from her Instagram[x] [x] [x] 
I discovered Connie from This Old Dress from another super cool YouTube channel, Christine as she mentioned Connie in one of her favourites in her monthly favourites video! Stumbled upon it, loved what I saw and instantly subscribed. There's something really relaxing when you watch her? I watched all her videos and she's super lovely to watch. I'm so looking forward for more from her as her content's been awesome so far. She also has a blog, which I go on and scroll as well. She has DIY's and all those goodies too! 

So, have you been following them? Heard of them? I would love to know what you guys think! Also if you guys have any more YouTube suggestions, that would be cool too. 

Oh! And on a personal blog level, I recently got the blog, a Facebook! So if you're on there constantly and would like more updates, as if Twitter and Instagram weren't enough, ha! You can find me here! It would be cool if you liked/followed! It would mean a lot. In fact, up above on the page, I do have all my Social Media platforms there, so if you haven't been following and like to, you can! Even to stop by and say hello, that would be also just as great! I won't bite, promise! Until the next post! 


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words!!! and for being such an OG follower! :D <3

    1. AW HEY GIRL! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!! Can't wait to see more stuff from you! Keep it coming, know I'll still follow forever~! <3 ^__^

  2. Alyssa! Thanks so much for mentioning me! I'm incredibly flattered!!! :D You have a beautiful blog btw, keep the posts coming! <3

    1. Ahhh! Aw, hey Connie!! So happy you got to see and thank you so much for commenting!! And thank you!! Will try to keep these blog posts coming!! Can't wait to see more videos from you!! <3 ^_^

  3. Anonymous4/10/2015

    Ahhh thank you so much Alyssa! You are so sweet. It's such a cool feeling to be featured on your blog, I'm so pleased that you enjoy my videos, and I hope I continue to make better ones. Reading this brings me so much encouragement! Good luck for your blog as well, it's looking great right now. :)
    Much love ~ <3
    - Serafina