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Black & White

Jacket: H&M / Long top: Noisy May / Leggings: INC International Concepts / Boots: Expressions / Necklaces: Forever 21 
photographed by: Austine Ortencio 
Clearly I was extremely creative with my title for this post. And when I say that, I mean I really suck at captioning anything. I didn't know what else to title it than what it really looked like. Do I title it based off of the jacket? Do I add in the word badass because I look so serious in all of them? All these questions came to mind when putting this post together. I didn't do it because a) I'm no badass, I'm pretty much a sadass and b) I still don't think it's suitable to call it leather jacket weather, because it was snowing when these happened. 

Yeah. It's April and it was snowing. I don't understand! 

Anyway, I survived the snow slowly falling (you'll probably see specks of white in some photos!) and it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. This look is pretty simple and casual but I love the leather jacket and the appeal it always gives off. This long-sleeved sweater/dress? Favourite! So much so, I bought it in a black and it's so comfy and great to just lounge in. I'm that person who if I find something I love and can wear in multiple ways and comes in a range of colours?! I'll buy all of them. I really did love how these turned out that I managed to upgrade looks for my Twitter/Facebook/Layout stuff on here. I think it suits more of the blog and remains consistent. Follow up if you want to! ;)

Anyways I'm going to leave it off here and hope you enjoy your day! See you in the next post!  

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  1. I loved the softness of the leather material and the jacket design and Looks cool and all very nice and comfortable. For Male