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Beauty Favourites: Make Up Brushes

There have been previous posts on blushes, lipsticks, a make up routine, and eye shadows... Now what? Naturally, we need to talk about make up brushes. I feel like getting into make up brushes can be quite overwhelming. Which ones should you start with? What kind of brushes? Which brush is for what? How to use them? The list can go on, but no worries! I am here to try and break it down some of my favourite ones I use mostly every time. This is also here to break down my tips and thoughts as well! 

First things first, my first tip for those wanting to invest in make up brushes, is that quality is best. I have had my fair share of cheaper alternatives and they were fine but overtime, they fell flat and didn't perform as much as I hoped. Think of it this way, you're going to use them every day at most. They are for creating the best version you can be. Sure, the cost can add up, but it's so much more worth buying really great ones that can last you for a long while, as opposed to the real cheap options that end up being disposed. You'll end up wasting more money that way! 

Secondly, I only really use two brands that I seem to love and will definitely recommend.

So what are we waiting for?

For The Face 

Real Techniques brushes are the ones that I have most in my collection. They are not only so soft but also affordable. What's really cool about these ones too, that most of them already come in certain sets for you get started. Most of these are from the Core Collection, and contain four brushes: the detailer brush (not pictured), pointed foundation brush, buffing foundation brush, and the contour brush.  What's not included in the set that I bought individually are the big powder brush, face brush, and the blush brush. Another good brand for brushes are Sigma. Here, I use the blush/powder brush the most. Lastly I have the beauty blender, and yeah, I might have bought into the hype, but it's really great to use and helps so much. 

What I use them for (In order from left-right): 
Sigma Powder/Blush Brush F10: I tend to use this one for blush application, but also powdered high lighter on top of my cheekbones. 

Real Techniques Big Powder Brush: This one I use for all over my face when I have to set it with a powder or just powdering the face in general. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush & Face Brush: These two pretty much can be used for the same purpose, but I tend to use the face brush for liquid foundation as it buffs it in nicely. The buffing brush I use for setting the under eyes with powder after concealer or if I just need to blend everything out from all the harsh lines and to make it look more natural.

Real Techniques Contour Brush: Mainly for my bronzer! It's a good enough size to blend and to concentrate it on my hollows of my cheeks. 

Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush: Although it is meant for foundation, I use this one for powdered high lighter.  It's when I want to concentrate it more onto a small area since it's a good enough size to bring enough product. This is nice if I want to emphasize more of that shiny/dewey glow. 

Real Techniques Blush (Pink) Brush: Mainly for blush. It's a nice size to get a good amount of product to blend into my cheeks. 

Beauty Blender: This can be used in multiple ways, but I like to use it when I really just want a more smoother, sheen to my foundation? But mostly I use it most for my under eye concealer! It blends so well and I feel like I'm not wasting product because it absorbs right in there. 

For The Eyes 

For the eyes, the ones that I have the most are from Sigma! Most of these are from a set called the Basic Eyes Kit. I actually bought one more of each from that kit: the blending brush E25 and the pencil brush E30. I've grown more confident in doing more eye looks, so the more brushes to use and blend, the better!  The last three that are purple are from Real Techniques and come for this set called the Starter Set

What I use them for (from left-right): 
Large Shader Brush E60: Mainly used to put eye shadow all over the lid! I like to use this for cream eye shadows as well. 

Eye Shading Brush E55: Putting more eyeshadow on the lid. 

Medium Angled Shading Brush: E70: This I like to use on the corner of my eye lid because of the angle and to high light my brow bone. 

Blending Brush E25 x2: I have two of them because I love to blend, blend, blend! When you use one to blend a shadow out, it can get too 'dirty' to blend another shadow, so the second one is useful. 

Pencil Brush E30 x2: I have two of these too because it's so useful if you want to line your eyes, or concentrate a shade of shadow in the outer corner. 

Small Tapered Brush E45 & Tapered Blending Brush E40: Seriously both for blending different shadows. Blending is important!

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush: Again for main eye shadow base you want to cover all over. 

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush: I use this to, you guessed it, to blend. But also if I need to put another eye shade on my lid. 

Brow Brush: For my brows, of course! Also for my lower lash line if I want to put more eye shadow there. 

So you read all of that, but now what? What do you buy to get you started? I compiled a list of brushes you would probably would want first, then you can start building it up from there if you really want to get more! 

Start off simple first. What do you want to concentrate more on? For this, I think what's most important is your face. So a powder brush and a foundation brush for foundation/blend out concealer!

 If you want to get more in tuned with the idea of contour and highlighting (which in my opinion, is the best part!) find one blush brush and a contour brush for your bronzer. For a contour brush, what's also great (and something I feel like I want to get as well) is an angled brush! Sigma has a good one listed here. Another brush for your blush, if you want to do that. 

If you want to get into eyeshadow, I say, start first with one eye shadow brush and then a blending brush! For a simple eye look, have one shade cover the entire lid, use the same brush for another darker shade on the outer lid, then use the blending brush to blend it out for it to look softer and not as harsh. You just done yourself a great simple, smokey eye! If you love the idea of adding more and experimenting, then you can add more eye shadow brushes! Like what I shown previously.

The bonus is the beauty blender. You don't necessarily need the beauty blender. If you have the main face brushes, you can survive. But I find the beauty blender very nice and useful for foundation, concealer and blending everything out smoothly and nicely! It's something to keep in handy. 

The last question, "Where do I buy these brushes?" I listed the original links to each brush up above, and I believe you can order from there directly. I am from Canada and sometimes I don't like to pay those shipping fees and the wait can be a bit longer, so I came across FTB Beauty! It's a Canadian website for all your make up needs! I ordered all of my Sigma brushes and some of my Real Techniques as well! So quick with their shipping and delivery! I remember receiving them in a couple of days? I was impressed. They also have other brands that are not available in Canada, so that's really useful too. I know for Real Techniques brushes, if you reside in Toronto, you can also find it at your local Wal-Mart or Winners! I've seen various ones there but I also find you got to be lucky, since they seem to be out of stock always. 

There are always other brush alternatives too. I know MAC Cosmetics have the same kind of brushes and are useful too. I find that another alternative is the brand EcoTools. I see a lot of them at Wal-Mart and seem to be very affordable and great to use as well. 

I think I covered what I wanted to go over! If you have any questions, you can ask them down below in the comments! I tried my best to describe in detail, hope it wasn't that confusing! I hope you find this post useful and hope if you're in need of brushes, to not be overwhelmed! Make up is a beautiful thing! It's there to enhance your beauty! Have fun and conquer that beauty routine. See you in the next post! 

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