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Wardrobe Inspiration: Tessa Virtue

When I was little, I remember seeing ice dance/figure skating on television, and would watch it. I  don't remember much about it with the specifics, but I do know my mom was into it and I loved watching it from time to time when she would watch. I'll admit, I don't know as much with the technicalities of ice dance, nor do I say I am a pro to know the details that come with it. I don't follow it as much, but, I do really appreciate it, and have so much respect for those who compete and do it so passionately! It's something I would watch  because it embodies everything I like: music, costumes, choreography, while also being a very vigorous, athletic sport. The lifts! The spins! The speed! Everything! It's tough and it's crazy because they make it look so effortless and easy! It's that mix of creativity and athleticism that I really love about it, I could never get bored.

Okay so why are we here? After that introduction, I figure we go into who this post is all about! Tessa Virtue. What can I say?! Canadian ice dancer extraordinaire who is partners with the equally talented, Scott Moir. They've skated together for 17 years,  are world champions, and olympians! The list goes on. In particular with the Olympics, they've won gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and then won silver at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. Gold in our hearts forever. 

I really got first introduced to them when they competed in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and I fell in love. I became really captivated by them! I watched their show on the W Network, Tessa & Scott, which was interesting to get a glimpse into their careers, which made me respect them much more because of all the hard work! I also had the pleasure to see them perform in person last year during their run on Stars on Ice. It was magical and I wish I could just see them perform live in person every day. Is that too much to ask for?! Probably. But I would not complain whatsoever. 

As mentioned, one of the reasons why I love the art of ice dance and figure skating, are the costumes! The fabulous ladies get to wear such beautiful dresses that show great movement as they glide on the ice. Since I am a fan of Tessa, and I'm sure she's into fashion and style, this came hand in hand. I remember while I was watching the Olympics, I said to myself I would love to gather some looks she's worn and showcase them on here (whenever I would launch the blog) because they're beautiful! So here we are. Down below are some of my favourite looks she's worn over time. I would like to thank my gal, Diana (who also runs a beautiful blog, so please check her out and show some love!) for linking me to great sources like this and this! After much time going through albums, watching some past videos, I think I narrowed it down! 

Things to consider: She's worn so many different looks, I really decided to make it simple for me, and make sure to include the ones I love a lot! So a lot of them actually, are the same dress but different photos, because I love it that much. I decided to colour-group each photo, so, date-wise it's not in order! Other than that, enjoy! Hope you like, and hope in the future I can include Tessa's off-duty style as well! 

You can follow Tessa on Twitter and Instagram if you're interested for more Tessa in your life! She seems so sweet and adorable, so please do!

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