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Wardrobe Inspiration: Make a Statement

I have a love for accessorizing. I love to collect jewelry especially because it's simple to shop for (you don't need a certain size, except rings, maybe) and I know for a fact I will use them constantly because of the many ways you can incorporate them into any outfit. They are versatile and just an every day touch that adds a right amount of pop into anything you decide to wear. This is why I have so many. 

Statement necklaces in particular are the type of necklaces are an outfit on its own! They're bold, detailed, and make an impact to your look in an instant. This is why I love them. 

To share this love, I share with you some of my favourite statement necklaces that I enjoy to wear and actually get a ton of compliments on! If you want some statement necklaces but don't want to break the bank, I really recommend H&M and Forever 21! When people ask me where I get whatever necklace I'm wearing that day from, I respond with mostly those two stores and every one seems a bit surprised? I don't know why, honestly. In fact most of these are from Forever 21 and some of them I've had for a while! Sure, over time the wear might be evident but nothing extreme. And for what, 9-12 bucks? Sometimes even less depending! You can't go wrong. Plus, in my experience with these ones,  they're still going strong and hold up really well. 

Doing these type of collective posts are a tad difficult because as much as I want to link to the exact item, many of them are no longer available. Some of these have been bought some time ago or bought when they're on sale or clearance! I'll try to at least caption which store I got each necklace underneath though! But there are so many necklaces you can get from where ever! This is to inspire! So hopefully you get some inspiration and start amping up your style with statement necklaces.
Expressions, The Bay
From top left: 1. Expressions, The Bay 2. Expressions, The Bay 3. H&M 4. Aldo 
Urban Outfitters 
 All from Forever 21! 
I took these photos on my dress form mannequin in my room, so I apologize for that tiny pearl necklace featured in every single one of them. That wasn't my plan to include it, but it's attached to the mannequin. I tried to hide it but that's okay! I think it adds a bit of sophistication. I thought photographing each one like this would show all the details as opposed to it laying it flat. If you're interested in seeing the full mannequin though, because it does have a charm on its own, I posted a full picture back to my room tour post

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