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Wardrobe Inspiration: Lily James

Since Cinderella just hit theatres this weekend, I had this constant urge to do a wardrobe post on Lily James because I've been enjoying her looks while she's been doing press for the movie so much. There was also one premiere here in Toronto that she attended and if I had known, it would have been super sweet to go to. Either way, I am actually excited to watch this particular film adaptation because it looks so stunning. So this post was inevitable! 

With her choices in beautiful dresses, I think it's so true to say that Lily looks like the modern day Cinderella. Rightfully so, she is playing the important role! She's soaking it all in and I'm impressed with everything she's donned so far. And so, here are my favourites she's worn. There's that obvious princess, fairytale feel which is an instant favourite, but there are a few risks she's thrown into the mix, which is right up my alley!  I would like to thank the photo gallery from Lily James Source for having all these great photos available! It made putting together this post so much more fun because of how everything was right there. So enjoy all the pictures as I pretend to wear my fancy ball gown and twirl away. 

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