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Wardrobe Inspiration: Kathryn Bernardo & Kim Chiu

Kathryn Bernardo and Kim Chiu are essentially two of the it-girls that reside in the Philippine entertainment industry. Being in Toronto, Canada and having TFC (The Filipino Channel) I watch a lot, and no doubt, these ladies are on the top. Not only are they both gorgeous, they are every sense of the word, talented. I've watched their movies and teleseryes they've starred in, and yep. They're golden. They deserve all the success they're receiving and I'm happy to be one of those fans to see what's next for them. Alongside the talent and personalities, Kathryn and Kim are also really known for their sense of style and fashion choices. I'm really a big fan of both their styles and obviously had to incorporate them here! The reason why I put two of them together? They currently share the same stylists and through following their Instagrams, this made it a bit easier to compile together!

Styled by sisters Kimi and Boop Yap, their overall style and look for both ladies are so beautiful and stand out amongst the crowd! In my opinion, anyways. When always going through their outfits where they've been styled at for specific appearances (like the ones I show you below) you see there's this common thread of styles and silhouettes the Yap sisters tend to style them in. Obviously, I would think they would also cater and style with their personalities in mind! They do a lovely job styling both of them while still keeping their personal individual styles in tact! 

So down below I pretty much went through both stylists Instagrams (which are here and here!) and decide to show you some of my favourite ensembles both Kathryn and Kim have worn, and would like to take note of! I will leave all sources to each photo underneath so you can catch the details from each set of attire. I, like always, colour coordinated them! Which was super fun compiling and I hope you enjoy the pic spam. 

Kathryn Bernardo

From top left: [x], [x], [x] 
[x]                                                                                [x] 
[x]                                                                                 [x]
[x]                                                                                      [x]  
         [x]                                                                                             [x]
From top left: [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x] 

Kim Chiu

From top left: [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x]
[x]                                                                                 [x] 
[x]                                                                                   [x]
From top left: [x] [x] [x] [x] 

So what do I personally see from their senses of styles? I find with both of them, the Yap sisters definitely stick to a general go-to. For both of them, I find they like to dress simply but attire that has that minimal sophistication! Minimal but really put together and stylish. They love dresses and two-pieces, dressing in one colour or maybe in monochromatic hues, while still maintaining some sense of edge and modernness. I find with Kathryn, because she is 19, remains to be playful and youthful with their choices! More dresses, details that are feminine, dainty, or demure! However, though she is 19 years old, she is also maturing beautifully, so there are hints of sophistication played throughout! Youthful but very chic! Which is beautiful because it's not too much or too little. It's just right. I find with Kim, there are more risks? because she's a bit older, so there's lots of pant suits, draping, dramatic details, cut-outs, more prints.

I wouldn't know anything though, because well, I don't know any of them, haha. I'm sharing what I've been observing and it seems like those are the style choices they keep in mind when dressing for the both of them! I love it because that's where I want to be within my style. It's simple, effortless, put together, and it's something you can wear differently each time. This is what I want to go for. 

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