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What I'm Loving #2: Kind Exchange, Indigo, Muji

Floral Jacket: Thrifted from Kind Exchange, Recycled Paper Monthly Agenda: Muji, Black/Stripe Peonies Notebook: Indigo, iPhone 5s case: Jade + Jewel/Target

It wasn't that long until I got some more favourites up my sleeve. So welcome to part 2! This time it's a bit more personal, as they are the few items I got recently and use myself! I'm excited to share you these favourite finds because although it might not be a lot, these are items I'm loving and this is what it's all about! So without further ado. Let's start. 

Floral Jacket: Thrifted from Kind Exchange

This jacket was an awesome find and I'm so happy how fitting it was to find it this time around as we're gearing up for the Spring. I thrifted this beauty from Kind Exchange, a thrift store I love, as you find some sweet stuff hidden within the insides of the store! They have a good amount of shops all over Toronto, so if you live in Toronto, I say you go stop by and see for yourself! This one was from the Queen Street West location and definitely one of its kind. The reason why I love thrifting is because the pretty treasures you find for cheap prices! Obviously my favourite kind of deals. I love my floral prints and I love jackets/coats so this was a definite win/win. I'm looking forward to styling with some of my current pieces to create such a daydreaming type of an outfit. Stay tuned. 

 iPhone 5s case: Jade + Jewel from Target

 Just recently I was offered to do an instant upgrade on the phone I have, as I was nearing the end of my contract, and had an discount offer on top of it! I had the iPhone 4 for 2 years and it was time for an updated change! I ended up choosing the iPhone 5s and I'm not disappointed! When you have a new phone, obviously you have to have a cute phone case to come with it. This one's from Target and I snatched it up right away because I first needed to have a case. I felt so weird without it! I'm too clumsy to trust myself with a bare phone. And second reason, it has a French pup on it! Also every Target in Canada is closing its doors (still quite bummed about it) and so they've been having their closing/everything-must-go sales, so I needed a case and they were having some sales so why not? I stopped by and they had a lot left. I managed to pay 10 bucks than the normally $14.99? I'll take it. I'm still considering on buying one more case, but this is too cute not to pass up.

Black/Stripe Peonies Notebook: Indigo

I have a collection of pretty notebooks and I seem to not get enough of them. Indigo has such a great range of these type of journals/notebooks and I couldn't help it and buy this for myself. This notebook is for all my ideas and thoughts I want to do on this blog! So whenever I have an idea, I just write out what I want to do and how I want to post it. I brainstorm a lot and have a lot of random ramblings in my head, especially for this blog, so I thought this notebook could motivate me to come up with stuff. Not only is it super chic and fashionable, it's also very functional. It's a good enough size to fit into my bag if I want to bring it with me, it has three dividers inside, and it has wired binding making it easier for me to write! 

Recycled Paper Monthly Agenda: Muji

You have no idea but I've been looking for such a simple agenda for a while now, until I found this one! I would like to say I'm pretty organized. I have a dry-erase calendar near my door with my schedules and whatnot, plus I do have a separate agenda to keep track as well. The one I have before this one, was from Indigo. It's super cute and pretty but I realized I really just used the monthly pages as opposed to the actual agenda itself. I tend to like to see everything laid out to me than having to go into each specific day I guess! I discovered this one as I was in downtown Toronto and stopped by a store named Muji and was so impressed with everything! Muji is a Japanese based brand and it's all so pleasing to the eyes. This agenda is recycled and for $3.95? You can't beat that. I love it because it's super light weight and you can customize it to your liking, in whichever way you want it to. I already filled up the pages to the end of the year, and there's still more months left. Safe to say, I'm just gonna buy more of these notebooks in stock for the future uses, cause I know I will use it in years to come! 

As March nears its end (Seriously where has the time gone!) I figure this would be the next post up! Lately I haven't had any new favourites, but I'll keep you posted to when that comes. Until then. 


  1. I looooooove that recycled agenda, omg. Especially the handwritten font for the month/year. <3 <3 <3 (this is skimthrough@tumblr btw!)

    1. OH HI!! <3 It's the best agenda, really and it's recycled! Even better! But so sweet for seeing the blog and commenting! Thanks so much!! <3 <3 <3