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Wardrobe Inspiration: Kathryn Bernardo & Kim Chiu

Kathryn Bernardo and Kim Chiu are essentially two of the it-girls that reside in the Philippine entertainment industry. Being in Toronto, Canada and having TFC (The Filipino Channel) I watch a lot, and no doubt, these ladies are on the top. Not only are they both gorgeous, they are every sense of the word, talented. I've watched their movies and teleseryes they've starred in, and yep. They're golden. They deserve all the success they're receiving and I'm happy to be one of those fans to see what's next for them. Alongside the talent and personalities, Kathryn and Kim are also really known for their sense of style and fashion choices. I'm really a big fan of both their styles and obviously had to incorporate them here! The reason why I put two of them together? They currently share the same stylists and through following their Instagrams, this made it a bit easier to compile together!

Styled by sisters Kimi and Boop Yap, their overall style and look for both ladies are so beautiful and stand out amongst the crowd! In my opinion, anyways. When always going through their outfits where they've been styled at for specific appearances (like the ones I show you below) you see there's this common thread of styles and silhouettes the Yap sisters tend to style them in. Obviously, I would think they would also cater and style with their personalities in mind! They do a lovely job styling both of them while still keeping their personal individual styles in tact! 

So down below I pretty much went through both stylists Instagrams (which are here and here!) and decide to show you some of my favourite ensembles both Kathryn and Kim have worn, and would like to take note of! I will leave all sources to each photo underneath so you can catch the details from each set of attire. I, like always, colour coordinated them! Which was super fun compiling and I hope you enjoy the pic spam. 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Tessa Virtue

When I was little, I remember seeing ice dance/figure skating on television, and would watch it. I  don't remember much about it with the specifics, but I do know my mom was into it and I loved watching it from time to time when she would watch. I'll admit, I don't know as much with the technicalities of ice dance, nor do I say I am a pro to know the details that come with it. I don't follow it as much, but, I do really appreciate it, and have so much respect for those who compete and do it so passionately! It's something I would watch  because it embodies everything I like: music, costumes, choreography, while also being a very vigorous, athletic sport. The lifts! The spins! The speed! Everything! It's tough and it's crazy because they make it look so effortless and easy! It's that mix of creativity and athleticism that I really love about it, I could never get bored.

Okay so why are we here? After that introduction, I figure we go into who this post is all about! Tessa Virtue. What can I say?! Canadian ice dancer extraordinaire who is partners with the equally talented, Scott Moir. They've skated together for 17 years,  are world champions, and olympians! The list goes on. In particular with the Olympics, they've won gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and then won silver at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. Gold in our hearts forever. 

I really got first introduced to them when they competed in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and I fell in love. I became really captivated by them! I watched their show on the W Network, Tessa & Scott, which was interesting to get a glimpse into their careers, which made me respect them much more because of all the hard work! I also had the pleasure to see them perform in person last year during their run on Stars on Ice. It was magical and I wish I could just see them perform live in person every day. Is that too much to ask for?! Probably. But I would not complain whatsoever. 

As mentioned, one of the reasons why I love the art of ice dance and figure skating, are the costumes! The fabulous ladies get to wear such beautiful dresses that show great movement as they glide on the ice. Since I am a fan of Tessa, and I'm sure she's into fashion and style, this came hand in hand. I remember while I was watching the Olympics, I said to myself I would love to gather some looks she's worn and showcase them on here (whenever I would launch the blog) because they're beautiful! So here we are. Down below are some of my favourite looks she's worn over time. I would like to thank my gal, Diana (who also runs a beautiful blog, so please check her out and show some love!) for linking me to great sources like this and this! After much time going through albums, watching some past videos, I think I narrowed it down! 

Things to consider: She's worn so many different looks, I really decided to make it simple for me, and make sure to include the ones I love a lot! So a lot of them actually, are the same dress but different photos, because I love it that much. I decided to colour-group each photo, so, date-wise it's not in order! Other than that, enjoy! Hope you like, and hope in the future I can include Tessa's off-duty style as well! 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Pretty in Pink

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As someone who loves to shop, naturally, I am also subscribed to a lot of stores online through e-mail. Urban Outfitters recently just e-mailed out this newsletter about what's been happening with their dresses. I love it because it is titled Think Pink and they showcase what dresses they have that are all in all, pink. I immediately said to myself that I need to show some of them on here because what better way to show Spring and Summer than more dresses? Better yet, pink dresses! It's always one of those colours I love, so this works out quite well. With these, they're light, dainty, playful, feminine, and most of all the epitome of what I would want to wear in the Spring and Summer. 

I did one quite far back with Anthropologie, choosing what dresses caught my eye on there at the time. But this is a new year and a new season, so here are my choices that I wish could magically show up in my closet this time around. A girl can dream. 


What I'm Loving #2: Kind Exchange, Indigo, Muji

Floral Jacket: Thrifted from Kind Exchange, Recycled Paper Monthly Agenda: Muji, Black/Stripe Peonies Notebook: Indigo, iPhone 5s case: Jade + Jewel/Target

It wasn't that long until I got some more favourites up my sleeve. So welcome to part 2! This time it's a bit more personal, as they are the few items I got recently and use myself! I'm excited to share you these favourite finds because although it might not be a lot, these are items I'm loving and this is what it's all about! So without further ado. Let's start. 


Favourites: Sealed with a Kiss

It was some time ago when I remember my mom talking about all things beauty and said lipstick is a good choice to enhance and add more to your features. I remember her buying Maybelline's Park Ave. Peach for me and I instantly fell in love with it and the idea of lipstick. 

 I never looked back and have accumulated so many lipsticks, lip glosses... I lost count. So why not make this into a favourite post?  I won't lie I do have a lot. And there were more I haven't featured up above! But I really do have a thing for MAC lipsticks (Can you tell?) and a bit more higher end ones, I'll admit. My favourite drugstore lipsticks though? Revlon, L'oreal, Maybelline, I have a few from each brand! This time around, I think I'm going to focus on the ones I seem to gravitate towards each time and like to share why!

So here are the ones I love and have been loving a lot. I think dark colours work best with me because it tends to suit my complexion. I do love bold colours as well, as it's nice to add that nice pop to your face. But every once in a while, I do want something fresh, light, and bit more natural and so I found great lighter choices I tend to wear every day. 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Make a Statement

I have a love for accessorizing. I love to collect jewelry especially because it's simple to shop for (you don't need a certain size, except rings, maybe) and I know for a fact I will use them constantly because of the many ways you can incorporate them into any outfit. They are versatile and just an every day touch that adds a right amount of pop into anything you decide to wear. This is why I have so many. 

Statement necklaces in particular are the type of necklaces are an outfit on its own! They're bold, detailed, and make an impact to your look in an instant. This is why I love them. 

To share this love, I share with you some of my favourite statement necklaces that I enjoy to wear and actually get a ton of compliments on! If you want some statement necklaces but don't want to break the bank, I really recommend H&M and Forever 21! When people ask me where I get whatever necklace I'm wearing that day from, I respond with mostly those two stores and every one seems a bit surprised? I don't know why, honestly. In fact most of these are from Forever 21 and some of them I've had for a while! Sure, over time the wear might be evident but nothing extreme. And for what, 9-12 bucks? Sometimes even less depending! You can't go wrong. Plus, in my experience with these ones,  they're still going strong and hold up really well. 

Doing these type of collective posts are a tad difficult because as much as I want to link to the exact item, many of them are no longer available. Some of these have been bought some time ago or bought when they're on sale or clearance! I'll try to at least caption which store I got each necklace underneath though! But there are so many necklaces you can get from where ever! This is to inspire! So hopefully you get some inspiration and start amping up your style with statement necklaces.


Wardrobe Inspiration: Lily James

Since Cinderella just hit theatres this weekend, I had this constant urge to do a wardrobe post on Lily James because I've been enjoying her looks while she's been doing press for the movie so much. There was also one premiere here in Toronto that she attended and if I had known, it would have been super sweet to go to. Either way, I am actually excited to watch this particular film adaptation because it looks so stunning. So this post was inevitable! 

With her choices in beautiful dresses, I think it's so true to say that Lily looks like the modern day Cinderella. Rightfully so, she is playing the important role! She's soaking it all in and I'm impressed with everything she's donned so far. And so, here are my favourites she's worn. There's that obvious princess, fairytale feel which is an instant favourite, but there are a few risks she's thrown into the mix, which is right up my alley!  I would like to thank the photo gallery from Lily James Source for having all these great photos available! It made putting together this post so much more fun because of how everything was right there. So enjoy all the pictures as I pretend to wear my fancy ball gown and twirl away. 


Favourites: Instagram Crushes

I love Instagram. It's instant (ha, see what I did there) because you simply upload a photo, a caption, and boom.  Done. Scroll on. Plus as someone who loves visuals and such, it's so easy to just look, like the photo, and keep scrolling. I can spend so much time just on Instagram and it's all fun times. 

Not only that, but it's so creative! The millions of apps and things you can do to your photos and videos to share! I definitely spent money on apps to make my photos better, and I don't mind either. I'm always looking for cool ways to edit photos through your phone or tablet! It's amazing how much you can do on your handheld device these days. Also in particular, filters make my life and are the greatest. God bless them and their abilities. It's also one of those platforms (like any form of social media) for people to connect.  It's a great glimpse to see into their lives in some way. 

For me, apart from the fun stuff mentioned, I also see Instagram as a way for me to get inspired. At the end of it all, they are photos to be shared and seen, and depending on who you're following, they are really great Instagrams that have wonderful feeds.  Here are four of them I would like to share and rave about. They are definitely worth those double-tap hearts.


Wardrobe Inspiration: Sooyoung (Girls' Generation)

Sooyoung is part of a girl group from South Korea named So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) or translate, Girls' Generation. It started as a nine member girl group, yes nine, and pretty much one of the most popular k-pop groups to date. They had hits when they first started, but it wasn't until they released Gee in 2009, that made them really popular. That was the first video I saw them in when I was introduced into the world of k-pop, and gee, gee, gee, gee, baby, baby. Talk about catchy. From that, they released a string of great hits that I really love! My favourite? Genie is by far still, my favourite video/song/concept they ever released. Such a jam, and I love the video especially.

From Girls' Generation, Sooyoung is one of the members that I recognized right away. I mean, there are nine girls! She stood out to me. I could name so many reasons why she's my favourite, but we're here to talk about one thing, and one thing only! Her sense of style.

She is the tallest of the group, so hello model status. She's known to be very fashion-forward out of all the members, and it's easy to see why. Here's some of my favourite outfits she's worn and why I love her sense of style so much, as I consider her as one of (many) style inspirations.


Wardrobe Inspiration: Steal my Sunshine

Maybe because it's been really cold in temperatures here, but I think where ever you are, I'm sure you too are longing for some glorious sunshine and bright blue skies. Maybe you're in an area that already has that, and I'll admit, I'm jealous. I for one, am looking forward to it since all I have been doing is hibernating in the comforts of my own bed. We've been reaching such extreme low temperatures, so going out? Yeah. It's the last thing I really want to do. So while I go stay huddled in my own pillow fort at home, I would like to share with you some of my sunglasses that I hope to be wearing soon when the Spring and Summer months come along! Denim cut offs, summer dresses, sun kissed skin... Yeah, I'm already in my own world.

Now that it's the beginning of March, we're almost there! We are slowly but surely getting to those warmer times.  Down below, I show you all of my sunglasses that have been collected over some time. I do have a preferred choice. I like big, somewhat round frames that cover my face. But I also do love how sunglasses can have a personality of its own, and compliment that perfect outfit. Whatever works for you!