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Wardrobe Inspiration: Zooey Deschanel

For quite some time, I've been a fan of Zooey Deschanel. Actress, singer-songwriter, and I know, a style icon for many.

I came to fully know her in (500) Days of Summer, which was a favourite, and most recently, New Girl. I remember falling in love with New Girl when it first aired, and I was so good at watching it weekly! However, life got in the way, and I quickly fell behind. Just recently, my love for the show came back, as I caught up/re-watched all the episodes from all three seasons. Thank you Shomi Canada. If you want a show that's light-hearted, fun, comedic and adorable, I think New Girl would be a great show for you.

Zooey's sense of style and beauty has become uniquely her own and adored. In fact, her style is so coveted that it seemed like a natural step for her to have a line of her own. She collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger, last year, to release a capsule collection called From Zooey to Tommy

All the dresses in that collection gave me hearts in my eyes. In fact, in some episodes of season 3 of New Girl, she actually wears a couple of the dresses from there. Even Taylor Swift was seen wearing one. I remember viewing the collection, when it was first announced, and literally sighed because they were all I wanted. Here are two dresses from her collection that I can't part with in my head. Too bad it was a limited line, I wished so bad at the time I had bought that red one pictured beneath. So lovely. 

Anyway, from catching up with New Girl, I knew for sure I wanted to showcase Zooey and her style on the blog. In the show, her character Jessica Day?! I want to own most (actually all) of the outfits and dresses she wears. In real life, I feel like Zooey's sense of style is the same way. Pretty, feminine, quirky but really chic and put-together. 

Maybe it's because I'm now at the point where the Winter has dragged on and all I see now are pretty Spring florals and brighter colours when I'm out. What a tease! But I'm inspired and I'm looking forward for those brighter times, so, this post on Zooey is perfect after all.

So I broke it down into two parts. First round of outfits are Zooey's red carpet looks that I love (I'm super obsessed with that plaid gown!) then after the red carpet appearances, I showed you outfits she's worn on New Girl as Jess. 

source for all New Girl pictures: WWZW, other: New Girl Online
The reason why I adore the choice of clothes she wears is because even if it's just a dress, there's a distinct feature on it. Whether it's a print, a colour-block, pleats, the structure etc. and I think that's fun! Something I always am attracted to when I shop in general. I always try to snag a pretty dress because dresses are easy (hello, just one piece!) and every dress is different! It's a statement on its own. There's a portion of pictures where she isn't wearing a dress, but even in her casual attire, it seems so cute and something I'd wear. Plaid, stripes, polka dots, everything! If I could have a separate closet and magically duplicate every outfit, I would if I could. That and her hair, can I please have her gorgeous hair?

There were more outfits in New Girl that were so cute and I really wanted to include, but the pictures were too blurry or there wasn't a shot of it in fully to see the entire outfit! But there were indeed many of them. And from that, I would like to thank websites, like New Girl Online's photo gallery, and of course WWZDW (What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear) for providing them! All the credit goes to them! In fact, WWZD, is such a great website for those who are really interested in seeing what she wears on the show or in daily life. I know, as soon as I caught up with New Girl, that was the first thing I did. A lot of exact matches are found, so if you want some inspiration for dresses and see the others I wanted to include...Go there! You'll find loads. 

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