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Wardrobe Inspiration: My Shoe Collection

Welcome to what will be a spam-worthy post on what is my shoe collection. Ever since I did my room tour, I really wanted to add more pic-spam worthy posts of things that I love and have personally. Truthfully, I don't have much to share, hence the lack of those kind of posts, but I do try and be creative with some ideas and here's one! I know from time to time, my shoes come up in some conversations, as I wear a lot of different pairs each time and people seem to notice since I do switch it up... a lot. So, I figure this is a good way to show you a collection that has accumulated over the years! 

To me, shoes are so important. For literal reasons (duh) but also because they can be the deciding factor with what you plan to wear that day. You don't have anything to wear? Pick a pair of shoes and build an outfit from there. Add heels to what would be casual outfit, it amps it up. Add sneakers to a dress, it makes it more dressed down and relaxed. Take the same outfit, wear different pairs of shoes, the vibe the outfit gives off can look entirely different... Just depending on what kind and style of shoes you finish it off with. 

And this is why I have so many. These are my reasons and I use this logic efficiently well! Or so, try. Don't judge! Haha. 

 Truthfully, there were more shoes (....Yeah, I know, more?) but there were either hard to take a full photo of, like some of my tall boots, without it looking sloppy. Or, there were shoes that look so worn, that not even filters could hide their true state. So, here are the shoes that I love and did end up looking good! I tried my hardest to get enough details and organize them by style/colour because it just made more sense to showcase them like that. 


There you have it! I tried. A lot of these shoes come from Call it Spring and Aldo for the most part. Some vary from H&M, Zara, Forever 21 and ASOS. 

Are you the type of person who has multiple pair of shoes like me? Or are you someone who has a pair and wears it forever until it's completely worn? Then move on to the next pretty pair?  I know I'm a bit of both, but I do like having more choices. Maybe in the future, I'll showcase the others or even perhaps future shoe purchases...but for now, this will do. 

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