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Wardrobe Inspiration: Keeping it Casually Cool

One thing I'm quite loving these days are how sneakers are styled. It's always been a staple, since childhood really, and I think for the longest time, I found it difficult to incorporate sneakers as an every day thing for me. Sneakers that would suit my style and my look together as a whole. 

Now, however, I think I've found out ways to put sneakers into an outfit that still is in the lane of my style. I currently own two pairs of Chuck Taylors, the one pictured above, and the cream high tops. The look of Chuck Taylors are iconic on its own, and because of  that look, I found it was easier to style than maybe other styles of sneakers. But it wasn't until a couple of months ago I decided to venture a bit out of the box for myself, and purchase these New Balance sneakers. I wanted to add these to my collection because after much pinning on Pinterest, looking at posts on Tumblr, and lurking through tags on Instagram (Yeah, I admit, I creep) I've grown a love for pairing outfits with them. With your black skinny jeans, or black tights and a skater skirt, with a pea coat, the list goes on. It's all I would want for an everyday-I'm-lazy-but-want-to-look-cute kind of way. 

While I was contemplating if I even really wanted to buy them, I had this ideal outfit in my mind that I knew I would wear so much, since I had the right coat for it in the Spring. And so, I went out of my way to Polyvore, to show you an example with what I had in my mind when deciding whether it was a good choice for myself.

every day

When compiling the items above, I tried my best to put it in actual items that I had. Three out of the six were an exact match. The top, skirt, coat are not in my closet, but I do have similar pieces just like it. A lot of my pieces are black, so the printed floral top is exactly what I need to add a bit of excitement. Another cool outfit would be to opt for the skirt, and wear some nice boyfriend jeans. Roll up the cuffs, and tada! Switch an item, and you instantly have a different vibe of an outfit.

Down below are some shots I remember seeing and absolutely adoring when I knew I wanted new sneakers and needing that inspiration to wear them.

I opted to buy the black New Balances, because I knew that was the safest choice to try and experiment with because it would go with everything. But now after seeing the other colours sneakers have to offer, I'm definitely going to add more prettier colours to the mix! I'll keep you updated whenever that is. 

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