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Red Carpet Runway Favourites: 2015

Award shows are my favourite because I get to see what celebrities look like in their most glamorous attire. It's all so beautiful to see! It's my favourite because where else do you see so many great dresses in one night? This only happens once a year, better believe I'll be on the look out. I have never done anything overall like this. The closest was the post about Lupita Nyong'o when she won her Oscar last year! I didn't get to do a full-out award show post of my best dressed, but now that the Oscars are over, I think it's time to fix that and see my take on my favourites.  

This is how I look at what I find best dressed or what really captivates me. It's either I love it or I don't. Literally. There were so many dresses that I really liked when compiling this together! But for the ones I considered, there was always a minor thing that I didn't prefer personally. That minor thing is the deciding factor whether to include or not. Sure it's the dress that we're looking at, but it's the details that come with it too. The make up, hair, accessories, the shoe! Sometimes the dress itself is not fitted properly, or maybe there's a part of the dress I don't necessarily like or would have worn differently...There's all that to consider! Well for me, anyway! I take these things very seriously! So if there was even a small thing I was on the fence about, I decided not to include them. 

So down below are the picks that stood out to me. Looks I either gasped or fully went "Yes! I love that!" I decided to try at least go in chronological order of award show and see what captivated me for each one. I skipped out on the Grammy's because there weren't any looks that wowed me like the ones below have. Maybe next year. The ones that had the most (and probably the hardest time with deciding) were from the Oscars. Most definitely so because that's the last award show everything's leading up to. It's also the most glamorous and the most recent, so, it's still fresh on my mind!

So here are my picks! I realize there's either a lot of colour, embellishments, or a lot of white and black. And lots of Emma Stone.

The 72nd Golden Globes

Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson / Source & Details: Who What Wear

The 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards 

Claire Danes, Sarah Hyland, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone & Rosamund Pike / Source & Details: Who What Wear 

The 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards 

Jenny Slate, Olivia Munn, Emmy Rossum, Stana Katic & Emma Stone / Source & Details: Who What Wear

The 87th Academy Awards

Jennifer Aniston, Lupita Nyong'o, Reese Witherspoon, Margot Robbie, Jamie Chung, Anna Faris, Chloe Grace Moretz, Kiera Knightly, Anna Kendrick, Rosamund Pike, Jennifer Lopez & Emma Stone / Source & Details: Who What WearUS Magazine 

Because the Oscars aired last night, my ultimate best dressed there? It was hard, but I had to go for the one I couldn't keep my eyes off of, Jennifer Lopez. I had to include that back shot because of the details! I was just  so, so in love and obsessed with that Elie Saab gown (the colour!) and how she wore it. I'm usually really weak when it comes to Elie Saab. Anyone who is seen wearing it, I'm in love. Like Emma Stone at the Oscars! She's also wearing an Elie Saab gown. And what do you know, she made it on here! It embodies such a princess, fairytale like aura. So J.Lo, you did not disappoint!

Because she's my best dressed, I'll explain in detail why. What I loved as well, was how she did her make up and her hair. So fresh and so pretty! She did this frosted cool pink lip and her hair was in a pretty ponytail. In this case, I think it's so important to be understated in everything else because that's such a ball gown of a dress. It's already a big statement on its own.  So I'm glad she did it minimal everywhere else to balance that. And it's also because Jennifer doesn't usually do this type of a look. She's usually so edgy and full on glam! If you don't know, go look at her at the Golden Globes from this year to see what I mean. She's proven that that's her signature and I wouldn't want her to change that, she rocks it so well! I love that about her! But it's nice to see her tone it down in that aspect and go full out princess this time around.

So what do you think? Who was your best dressed? Was it among here? or not? I hope you enjoyed this post. I had a good time compiling and putting it together. Until the next award show that catches my eye! See you then! 

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