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Favourites: What's in my Bag?

Bag: Marc by Marc JacobsClassic Q Natasha bag in Black
Keys: keychains all assorted
Hand sanitizer holder: Bath and Body Works (Not shown, but here are more cute ones!)
Perfume Rollerball: Marc JacobsDaisy Dream 
Lip gloss: The Face ShopFinger Gloss in BE701 
Lotion: Bath and Body WorksPink Chiffon
Wallet: Aldo in Nathrop
Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Color in Pale Peach
Cellphone: iPhone 4, Case: Pacific Mall

I love 'What's in your Bag?' type videos, posts, segments, anything. It doesn't matter who you are, it'll remain an instant favourite. It's interesting to look through someone's bag and see what they're carrying. It's like an insight to who they are! And it's so cool to see how it reflects they're personal style. Maybe it's the nosy? curious? part in me as well, but I know you're curious too. So here it is! In the past, I know I was that person who carried what would seem like the world in my bag. I had everything. I do have a tendency to over pack because, "You never know! You might need it!" or the always, "Just in case!" This time around, not so much? Just what I need to go out and come back home with.

So let's begin with this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.  Long story, short. This bag is what I was coveting for the longest time, even since maybe high school? Fast forward to now, after much thought and research (I wanted to be completely sure, these bags are not cheap!) I knew this was the one. I could put extreme good use out of it for a long time, it's that specific black bag that would go with everything, and it's casual but still stylish and classic. And after growing into more of a confident girl with myself and style, I knew this would be a good choice. And behold! It's now here! I'm in love and I'm really happy I got it. 

Other than that, every thing else in my bag is pretty general and practical. Your everyday essentials. The only thing that changes on the daily would my lipsticks. What's pictured there are two that I love separately or as a lip combo. There are many days where I'm just lazy to take them out and keep them there, then I wear a different shade, and all of sudden a group of lipsticks are just hoarded within the insides of my bag. I don't carry a make up bag to bring despite wearing make up on the daily, just lipstick to touch up upon. I'm a lipstick gal, what can I say. 

After lipsticks, it's definitely lotion and perfume roller ball, because I want to smell good (right?) and keep my hands from drying, because welp, they're so dry. The cell phone, wallet, keys are the obvious choices. Hand sanitizer because germs are every where, good to keep safe. And that small Cargo tin? That used to carry lipgloss and so it's an empty tin filled with the miscellaneous tidbits I might need, such as: Tylenol, a couple of bobby pins, a hair tie, and some bandaids! It's always good to have those handy because life is unpredictable like that. 

Other things that are sometimes in my bag but weren't pictured for several reasons: Olympic mittens, my iPod touch that I forgot to put in there and realized half way doing this, and female products for that great present that comes monthly, because obviously. 

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