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What I'm Loving #1: Paper Crown, YouTubing, Mugs & Jane the Virgin

As much as I adore and love watching 'monthly favourite' videos and have been wanting to do that for some time on the blog, it was something I didn't want to get into because my top favourites come and can remain a favourite for a long time. I tend to go through mini-phases as well, but who knows how long or how short it lasts!  It would never be consistent and is all over the place, so I never bothered. 

However, this time around, I do have some random favourites I'd like to share with you. I'm posting this now because why not! They're favourites that are definitely in the moment, and so with that being said, I want to post it right away! I could have done a blog post on each one, but sometimes to dedicate one entry to a specific favourite, seems too much for me. Especially when it's something simple that doesn't need that much explaining. So I think it's good to have a segment of the other bits and pieces I like in my life in one place. 

These kind of posts won't happen on a month-to-month basis, it'll be sporadic, but I think it's a good thing to do every once in a while. Something short and sweet.  I'm gonna narrow it down to always 5 things, because it's simpler that way! So here are some things I'm loving...

Paper Crown x Rifle Paper Co.

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I love Rifle Paper Co. Every thing that is Rifle Paper Co.? I'm in love. Love, love, love. I love going through Anna Bond's instagram too. All of the pretty prints make me so dreamy-eyed. I just want to own anything and everything the brand has to offer. So imagine my delight when I read that Paper Crown, Lauren Conrad's clothing label, were to make a collaboration. What! All of those dreamy prints on dresses? On clothes? More pretty goodness?! I needed a moment when I first saw some of the collection. Amazing!
all from: Paper Crown
Give me everything!
So Claire Thomas is someone I'm a fan of. How I discovered her is pretty normal but also weirdly coincidental? I remember waking up one Saturday morning, and just turned on the television to see what was on, and her cooking show, Food for Thought with Claire Thomas, happened to be on! I was instantly hooked from one episode, and had to see more. Soon after I discovered her blog. She also has a YouTube channel that she also does more cool things with, and this is one of her latest uploads. What can I say? Dream Kitchen! All the gold accents, all the trinkets, her glassware and tea cup collection! I could go on with exclamation points! But watch and hope you have as much heart eyes as I did as I watched it for the first time. 

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So if you don't know who are Kastor & Pollux. I'll try my best to summarize. Two girls, two killer senses of styles, a shop, a blog, and a YouTube Channel, and Canada. Because they're based here. I've been following them for some time, and man, every thing they do is pretty spot on.  All so creative and visually great! From their YouTube channel, my personal favourites are their make up routines, and their lookbooks, like their Valentinder's Day Lookbook. But seriously, every video is so fun, cute, and they're so entertaining to watch. Let's emphasize on how well they dress, because their style is on point! 
I have to tell you about one of my happy places. That happy place is no other place than Indigo. Whenever I spend time with one of my best buds, Christine, we always have to venture into that store. No matter what. Everything about Indigo makes me so happy. The books, the items, the vibe it gives off, everything. I always seem inspired when I look at the stuff displayed. In this case, their mugs they come out with are also my favourite. I have accumulated a collection of my own from over some time, but I still can't get enough. Here, I show some of my favourites that I'm soon will get my hands on! So cute, are they not?

Jane the Virgin

So one night, I saw that so far, each episode of Jane the Virgin was available to stream on my cable box. I was bored and it had maybe the first nine episodes? So, why not? Watched one episode... It sucked me in. I never looked back. I ended up binge watching all the episodes that night until let's say, 5 in the morning?! I was addicted. In case you don't know, Jane the Virgin is about a 23-year-old woman, Jane, and how she seems to have her life on track studying to be a teacher and certain to remain a virgin until marriage. Simple as it seems right? Well, after she's been accidentally inseminated with another woman's baby? I think you know what's going to go down.

Jane the Virgin has all the factors you would want in a great television show. Based off of an actual telenovela, it has the drama and the suspense, one should have. But with that, there's comedy. You'll laugh, smile, and ugh, it's so sweet too. With the show, all of that has been executed so well. Such great characters too. The narrator? Favourite! Jane's dad, the best lines! Not to mention, Gina Rodriguez is so charming, captivating and plays Jane beautifully. I was so happy for her when she ended up winning the Golden Globe! Her speech too? I cried. So much happens in each episode and in the end you're left hanging! I want to say more, but I would give too much away. Needless to say, I love it so much that I think you should watch it, and get your mind blown.

And we're at the end! Hope you enjoyed the bits of pieces that I've been loving in the moment! Hopefully I can continue this type of segment later on when new things pop into my life, but for now, I hope this is good! If you haven't seen yet, I did do a previous post on the lovely Zooey Deschanel and my love for her in New Girl. If you're longing for the warm sunshine, I think that post can help you. Until then! I'll see you in the next post. 

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