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Favourites: Eyeshadow Palettes

Truth time. This post was saved in my drafts for a couple of weeks. I had it saved ready to be published when I thought it was time to be posted up. It originally had more eye shadow palettes and as I was editing it now, I completely changed my mind and decided to scrap most of what I had and re-do it. So this is it. I guess it's the perfectionist in me! 

Now I love make up. I frequently go into Sephora and have probably an embarrassing amount of VIB membership points. I love how it can make you look and feel. I can be so tired but that little bit of effort when you do your make up? I instantly look and feel better! Sure, I'm still exhausted, but I feel like I can conquer my day a bit more better now. Other than that, I think make up is fun. And I can't get enough of it. I have fun with trying to do it, even though, I know I can be as lost as a puppy sometimes. But hey, fake it until you make it right? 

 Eye make up is that part in the routine that can instantly make you look bright and alive. Quite literally though, because I know the dark circles under my eyes can vouch for that. For the eyes, mascara and eye liner are my top priorities for that. Then if you want to elevate? Eye shadows, of course. 

Here's my take on a few of my favourites in terms of creating eye make up looks. I know eye shadow can be terrifying, I know I'm still intimidated. But with practice, YouTube gurus being wonderful at showing you tips, and the art of blending? You can do it! I know I try and when I screw up, I just blend the shadows to my heart's content.  No one will ever know. 

Urban Decay Naked, Naked 2, & Naked 3 palette. 

Yeah, yeah, I have all three. Even the Flushed face trio and the Naked2 Basics. The one I want to really talk about though, and I think my favourite? Naked 3. Naked 3 is by far the most different out of all of them. It's infused with rose-gold elements and pinker hues. I like it because it's just so gorgeous and stays away from the usual neutrals I'm always into. It's also something a bit more flirty and feminine, in my opinion. Despite it being rose-hued shades, it's super versatile and can give off such a fresh, natural look to your eyes. 

 The first 2 palettes are of course are in the good books as well! All have the neutrals and compliment each other so well. So if you wanted to buy a palette but don't know which one to get? For me, I see it as if you're more into the warmer shades, more natural in the approach of your make up, I think the original one will be great for you! The shades Sin, Buck, Smog, and Dark Horse are my favourites for that. If you want more of the shimmer, metallic, and perhaps a bit more dramatic? I think the second one is better. If you want something away from those browns? Then the third!

Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Isolde

This Nars duo Eyeshadow is described as a frosted ginger and shimmering copper. Now I just love the warmer shades and pretty shimmers. The copper was the exact shade I was looking for. These both are so good at highlighting and adding a bit of a spark onto an natural eye shadow look. I usually use the copper shade a lot more, and mix it with other browns from other palettes to just add more depth and drama. I also like to use the shimmering copper underneath my eyes, as an eye liner to emphasize too. 

 This is a bit different for me since they are all matte shades. What's really cool is that for this palette that is somewhat different is the layout as a grid. So if you feel intimidated, you can just use each row as a set if you will. Then once you feel comfortable, you can start mixing it up and experiment all across the board. This palette is great for that with how it's laid out for you. More to that, they all blend so well. Also because of the all-matte finish, if you're not someone who loves the shimmer and glitter? This is perfect for you. All great every day shades. Simple and natural.  Lastly, can we talk about the names for each shadow? How cute are they! I love how they name each shade like, Super Mom, Caregiver, Multi-Tasker, Wanderer, Natural Beauty, Force of Nature, etc. Tarte described it as all shades to empower real women, and that's so awesome.

So this one is the most recent purchase and I have to say, I had to get it after watching Claire Marshall do a recent tutorial on it. I'm not disappointed because it is beautiful. I love the concept of inner beauty with the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. When I was browsing, it was between Spirit and Soul that had me contemplating which to get. Eventually Soul won the battle (for now!) and was the one I went home with. Maybe having Claire rave about it on her channel helped in that process as well. But look at the shades.... Look at them! There's much more shimmer? And glitter? in them compared to the others I have. It'll make the eyes pop. When I was swatching some of the shadows, the colour pay off was so pigmented. An array of looks can be made just like how the Tartelette is laid out. I'm excited to see what I can do with it! 

I'm not saying you should own every single one of them or even own any of these particular ones! But I hope you maybe find one that you like to try, what kind of shades would suit you, and see what would work best for you! I just happen to have a lot because I admit, I'm super obsessed with eye shadows. I'm always wanting to try to experiment with my look and I've gotten more confident in that department, so why not? So with that, I'll end it right here and hope that you've been enlightened with some make up inspiration.  

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