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Wardrobe Inspiration: Kim Jones

photo: StyleStarPh
Meet Kim Jones. She's one of the style forces to reckon with in the Philippine fashion scene, and has instantly become one of my favourites! She's a Filipino-British (raised in Australia!) model, host, and fashion blogger in the Philippines! Her beautiful blog, Miss Jones, is a beauty! No, seriously, just look at it. 

 I definitely feel she deserves a post dedicated to her given the nature of my blog and how I'm always looking for inspiration of sorts in the style world. She's definitely in my book and I know maybe, not a lot of people might not be familiar with her? Because she is based in the Philippines. (Woohoo, represent!) So hey, even more reason to share my thoughts on her! So, let's break it down and explain my reasons why I think Kim Jones is up there on my list of people I admire.

1) Look how super sweet, gorgeous and cute she is! 

2) Her blog. Like I mentioned from above, her blog is insanely pretty with all the photos, outfits, and all the places she's travelled to! Talk about wanderlust! Down below are some of my favourite outfits she's worn, but let's be real, all of her outfits are pretty much my favourite though. We would be on this post forever if I literally posted every outfit I loved. So this will do. 
1                                                                                  2
3 4 5 6 

3) Her instagram is just as beautiful. Like, how? 
linked @kimcamjones1 2 3 4 5 6 

4) Bonus! For all those who are Filipino and are familiar with the Philippine entertainment industry, you might know her husband? Television/movie actor, singer: Jericho Rosales! 
I find them super adorable and I'm in love with their love story. Also what I adore about them is that in some of her blog posts, he's behind the camera, taking her photos. I mean, come on! Need I say more? From an interview she did with Star Style, she answers a question about him being the photographer for her, and it's my fave:
"It’s such a blessing to have Echo take my photos. He’s the one person in my life who truly knows my direction, my aesthetics, and my dreams. Sometimes it’s spontaneous, if we both find ourselves free on the same day.  Other times we plan before going out together. It makes little hearts come out of my eyes when he tells me he found a great location for our next shoot."
I mean isn't that the sweetest?! I think they compliment each other so well! I can go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Instead, I'm going to link their wedding video below. Please watch and cry with me! Not only is it beautifully shot/made, but just the wedding itself! It's all sorts of fun times, romance filled, and simply as sweet as a wedding can be! I'm in love with how it's on the beach and her dress? Love! 

So, now that we reached the end, have you followed her yet? Have you seen her blog? Are you in love too? I hope so! I left links too all the photos from her blog and her instagram if you want to see the actual posts and details! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved putting it together. I look forward to her future blog posts and anything else she sets her eyes on. I know I'll be here, looking in awe! Thanks Kim! For giving me so much inspiration with your blog and photos! I know you'll probably will never see this? But do know, as a fellow Filipino from Canada, I'm proud and I'm a fan. 

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