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Favourites: In Between

necklace: expression / bag: kensie / scarves: asos, wilfred (aritzia) / sunglasses: asos 

I was looking through my recent purchases recently, and I saw a similar colour  that kept appearing. I haven't been getting new clothes, but more accessories because I know I can incorporate them into so many different looks. Why grey? Why not! There's something really chic and pretty about that colour. It blends with everything. I'm obsessed.

The necklace, because I love anything floral and a good statement piece is always fun. The sunglasses because I truly loved the print on the frames, so I'm excited to wear them in the Spring/Summer especially. The scarves because I love that bundled up look, especially here when we have "extreme cold alerts" a lot. Plus they're both so long and essentially like blankets, I can cuddle myself in them and be content despite freezing my butt off. Lastly with the bag, it's small but can actually carry a lot of items, so. That was the deciding factor there. 

There are also a ton of grey sweaters I want to give a shout out to. It's amazing how much I still want more grey knits despite having owning a couple already! I'm saying this too, because I just bought a charcoal grey sweater... It can't be helped.

With that in mind, I would like to end this post with some photos that would fit perfectly with this post. I do know in the other mood boards I've done previously, there are many grey hues involved. But here are few more, just in case. 

If you like to see more of what I'm into and how I find these pictures for such inspiration, you can come see (or follow, it's up to you) on my Pinterest


Wardrobe Inspiration: Kim Jones

photo: StyleStarPh
Meet Kim Jones. She's one of the style forces to reckon with in the Philippine fashion scene, and has instantly become one of my favourites! She's a Filipino-British (raised in Australia!) model, host, and fashion blogger in the Philippines! Her beautiful blog, Miss Jones, is a beauty! No, seriously, just look at it. 

 I definitely feel she deserves a post dedicated to her given the nature of my blog and how I'm always looking for inspiration of sorts in the style world. She's definitely in my book and I know maybe, not a lot of people might not be familiar with her? Because she is based in the Philippines. (Woohoo, represent!) So hey, even more reason to share my thoughts on her! So, let's break it down and explain my reasons why I think Kim Jones is up there on my list of people I admire.