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What I'm Loving #10: Zara, Kate Spade, Nudestix & More!

These things for me will never get old. It's another post about some more of the things I've been loving and using a lot and I'm excited to share with you my love for them and my thoughts! Especially since we're nearing the end of the year, I had to just add one more post on some things I've been loving.


Inspiration: 5 Reasons why Jenn Im Should Be Your Style Muse

A while back I did a post on the lovely Jenn Im/Clothes Encounters and my other favourite lady, Claire Marshall/HeyClaire, and I pretty much talked about how I adore the two. 

I'm at it again and surprise! I'm doing it another more recent post on why Jenn Im should be your style muse. Because, well, why not? Have you not watch her? Where have you been? 

Well, we can solve that. 

In all honestly, I did touch base as to why I am such a fan of Jenn Im back then, again, refer to that post! But she was one of the first few that really got me inspired and motivated to step out of my comfort zone, to kick my butt into dressing what I want to wear, and to have that confidence to not care what others think of that. I remember her back then as she was doing her videos with her friend Sarah, and since then she has grown and evolved and I'm in love with every bit of it! So we're touching point on it again because I can. 

So, to bring it to the now and very present. Here are my 5 reasons why Jenn Im is my style muse, and why she should be yours too. 


Beauty Inspiration: Beauty Steps To Conquer Your Morning

I've always loved the process of putting on make up. It's something that is quite therapeutic for me. I wake up a little bit earlier just so I can fully take my time and decide what look I want to go for that day.

However, there are days where I rather not deal with that and there I am waking up in a mad hurry to get ready for what's going to be thrown at me and I'm in that rush, rush, rush. 

There are days where I won't even bother for a full face and master the quick steps to make it seem like I have my life together when in reality, I ask myself, where's the coffee and if I can have another cup. 


What I'm Loving #9: More Nars, Lancôme, Sam Edelman

It's that time where I get to share with you more favourites of mine that I've been loving a lot so far. I tend to space them out a lot because there's a lot to take in when it comes to these posts and so if you haven't noticed, I did dedicate an entire tag out of them obviously called 'what i'm loving' in case you just want to see all of the objects and things taken over my life.


Inspiration: Why You Should Follow Nadine Lustre on Instagram

Photos from her Instagram: @nadzlustre
Let's face it, there are so many individuals that are so on point with their social media. If it hasn't been obvious (from previous posts) I love Instagram for the very reason that it provides a glimpse into someone's life but with filters and pleasing visuals for every one to notice. 

Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre on Instagram!) is one of those ladies that I'm always saying 'Yaaaaas' when I see she uploads a photo onto her feed. You can tell she puts in a lot of time and effort onto her feed and it's only right! I think it's so nice to see people that have visually pleasing Instagram feeds. They provide such great inspiration. Plus she's one of my favourite actresses in the Philippine industry. So it's a win-win. 

Photos from her Instagram: @nadzlustre
So who is Nadine Lustre and why am I a fan?! Let's break down the facts. 
  • She's an actress/singer based in the Philippines. 
  • She's 22 years old and she's a Halloween baby, so happy belated birthday!!!!
  • She's one half of one of the most popular love teams (Unfamiliar with the term 'love teams'? It's pretty much an OTP/ship that many of fans love and support, I think we have all experience in a fandom of sorts) with no other than James Reid, who also has a very good eye on Instagram as well. I mean. Look here.
  • Their show, that's airing right now, called On The Wings of Love is killing it right now and I flail each time when I watch an episode. So good. 
  • And oh yeah, her Instagram? Is goals. And this is why we are here. 


What I'm Loving #8: Quay Australia, Charlotte Tilbury, Becca Cosmetics & more!

That time is already here as I have gathered enough items to share with you all my recent favourites I've been loving! Here we have some sunglasses, a nail polish, more make up. What else is really new though?


Wish List: Fall Weather

Now that we are in the full swing of things into the Fall season. I would like to share more of my love with more things I wish to have in my own closet. Again? Again. 

I probably own way too many things already but you should already know me. It's like a fresh beginning! Out with the old and into the new! You'll see what I mean in a moment. 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens

It's been some time that I have done a wardrobe inspiration post. This time I have decided to go all in and do a post on someone who I've been meaning to for the longest time. Vanessa Hudgens! 

Known for her bohemian choices, she has made her mark in the style game with that bohemian flair. She's bold, free-spirited and isn't afraid to wear whatever she likes. That's the beauty of having your own personal sense of style, and Vanessa does that in strides. Thanks to the online photo gallery from for the array of photos, for without them, this wouldn't be so much harder to complete!

Click below for why I'm a huge fan of hers and why this was probably years in the making.


Favourites: 5 Reasons Why I love Fall

Now that Fall is finally here! Yay! I figure we need to discuss it. I mentioned so many times how much I adore the fall season and the wonderful things it brings. However, I have not yet, really had a post listing reasons why this season is my absolute favourite. So... Why not? I do what I wanna do. 

Here are my 5 reasons why I love Fall so, so much.


Wish List: Dainty Details with Sachi Jewelry

I think it is safe to say how much I love jewelry. In the last favourite post I mentioned a few of my recent purchases and in the past I did a post on my favourite statement necklaces I love to wear. 

Lately, I've been really into the dainty appeal that certain accessories and jewelry have. I love the fact that they're delicate, feminine and have that versatility when putting your outfits together. You can add it a simple necklace for a nice finishing touch, or you can layer different pieces and still it would look chic and effortless. 

On that note, I also been realizing how important the idea of quality instead of quantity. What's most important is to invest in the pieces you know you'll use often and know you can transition to time after time. Jewelry and accessories are worth it for me to invest.  

Unfortunately, as much as I want all the things in the world, these things take time. But I can definitely dream and save up for later, right? 

This segment of my wish list will be talking about a jewelry line that I am loving to window-shop for: Sachi Jewelry.

All photos are not mine and all from the Sachi Jewerly website! I linked/sourced all of them underneath!


Beauty Favourites: How I Organize My Make Up Stash

Ever since I got into the love of make up and all things beauty, it became visually apparent on how little my space and storage room was. I always love to collect and let's be real, hoard??? It's become a habit that sometimes I forget that happens, but when it becomes really obvious I need to organize and maybe let go. I do.

I try, anyway.

Previously on the blog, I did share some of my eye shadow palette collection, my lipstick favourites, highlighters and bronzersmy make up brushes, and mainly all my make up products that I've been loving, which you can view under the tag: beauty. I showed you all of it but I haven't showed you how I store and organize them. 

I think I finally perfected how I wanted to store my make up and now I'm confident enough to show you now!