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Mood Board: Falling for You

Happy September! This post is getting me so excited because as much as I love the Summer nights and wearing dresses the sunshine brings, I'm more fond of what Fall has to offer. The coats and cardigans, the knits, scarves, tights, all that layering! Even more importantly, the pumpkin spiced lattes, all that tea sipping, and crunch the leaves bring as you walk! The type of weather you could probably still pull off wearing flats with your leather jacket and skinny jeans....I could go on, but it's indeed my absolute favourite! I'm pretty thankful I live in an area where the weather changes dramatically every year, because it brings excitement each time when it does come around.  

My last post that was like this was the mood board titled A Romantic Touch showcasing images that inspire me in the Summer time. This time? Of course, it's all Fall-related. There are lots of images I've been collecting and seeing - which all can be found all across Pinterest, re-pinned of course. These images certainly inspired me to dress for the cooler weather, and I'm hoping it gives you some excitement in your step as you leave your door to venture out what you have to do! So, enjoy the mini pic spam below as I pretend to devour this pretend pumpkin spiced latte, as I haven't had one just yet. 

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