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Favourites: Tidbits for Fall

The cooler weather has arrived, and lately I haven't been shopping that much....But I might have splurged here and there on some pieces that I feel would transition well into the Fall/Winter and I'm here to share some of them with you all! So I decided to quickly take a snap of the things I'm excited about and said why not do a short post? I know the pictures may not be as clear. But I think it goes to show how black is still the new black and how much I'm a lipstick gal. Some of them have been featured on my instagram, so for more of that, you can follow me there! So some of my essentials? 
1) Wilfred Mixed Stripes Blanket - OK, I think we all need a big ol' blanket scarf to get us through the cooler, even freezing weather! Why not do a two-in-one and have a blanket as a scarf?! Best thing ever. It's super cute, stylish, and warm! And I just LOVE big scarves that I can quickly wrap myself in and quickly go. I have this one now, and I do have the Diamond Mosaic Blanket scarf too. I see a collection coming. 
2) ABENASIEN flats - I know for the fall, we must be prepared for boots and all that, but in September, maybe early October? I feel like it's still okay to get away with flats. These ones are super cute, comfortable and because they're black - they go with everything! Plus the ballerina details add a bit of something more than your standard flat. Obsessed. 
3) A good wool hat. This hat is from Mendocino and after such a long search, I found a black hat! It'll be versatile and be one of those pieces for the cooler weather when I feel blah, this will add a bit of something fun to a casual outfit. 
4) Mac Lipsticks & Benefit's Rockateur blush. The Mac lipsticks featured are: Rebel, Russian Red, and Chatterbox! And when it comes to Fall, you know it's all about the darker lip. Rebel is a great choice for those darker days, and I feel like playing with a bold red lip is fun too! Chatterbox is one you might not necessarily associate Fall with? But, I think a nice playful pink is a nice choice for the cooler weather because it definitely adds something fresh and bright to pair with all the layering and bundled attire. The blush from Benefit is actually a nice rose-gold that is a bit more light compared to my other bold blushes I have. It adds such a nice flush that I'm excited to wear in the Fall. 

And there we have it! Part haul, part favourites, a bit of everything. I'm looking forward to wearing these items on the daily and hope you're all having, had a great day! Hope you all have a great weekend too! Until then! 


Mood Board: Falling for You

Happy September! This post is getting me so excited because as much as I love the Summer nights and wearing dresses the sunshine brings, I'm more fond of what Fall has to offer. The coats and cardigans, the knits, scarves, tights, all that layering! Even more importantly, the pumpkin spiced lattes, all that tea sipping, and crunch the leaves bring as you walk! The type of weather you could probably still pull off wearing flats with your leather jacket and skinny jeans....I could go on, but it's indeed my absolute favourite! I'm pretty thankful I live in an area where the weather changes dramatically every year, because it brings excitement each time when it does come around.  

My last post that was like this was the mood board titled A Romantic Touch showcasing images that inspire me in the Summer time. This time? Of course, it's all Fall-related. There are lots of images I've been collecting and seeing - which all can be found all across Pinterest, re-pinned of course. These images certainly inspired me to dress for the cooler weather, and I'm hoping it gives you some excitement in your step as you leave your door to venture out what you have to do! So, enjoy the mini pic spam below as I pretend to devour this pretend pumpkin spiced latte, as I haven't had one just yet.