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Wardrobe Inspiration: Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung is someone who I think is gorgeous and so on point with her styling choices. She first appeared on reality tv with The Real World: San Diego. I never got into any of the Real World seasons myself, but I do know of the MTV show, and remember hearing she gained fame from that and then pursued to do acting! She's done a great job. You might recognize her from Sucker Punch, The Hangover II, and as Mulan from ABC's Once Upon A Time, to name a few. It was probably when doing promotion for Sucker Punch, I truly took notice of her and her style. From what I've seen, she likes to mix up comfort and style. She also has a way of incorporating prints into her outfits as well. By this time, I think it's fact that I'm a lover of all styles printed! 

Speaking of her style, Jamie herself, also has a blog filled with her outfits, travels, and all that pretty jazz! Here though, I've rounded up with some of my favourite outfits she's worn. Some on the red carpet, some off. If you still love what you see down with the spam, I suggest you take a peek onto her blog and stare at her outfits, because she dresses so well! Such a fan!

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