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Mood Board: A Romantic Touch

 I've always been a fan of mood boards, and I wanted to do a series of them on the blog to showcase how I get inspired on a more general level when I feel like it. Truthfully, what sparked this sudden urge to make this post happen are those Britney Spears photos from her 2001 photo shoot with Rolling Stone magazine, which you'll see soon down below.

I wanted to show why I love Summer because it seemed most fitting since we are in the middle of July. So as soon as I remembered Britney did this shoot way back, I immediately got the motivation to put it together because they summarized everything I want in a Summer. Plus they're pretty nostalgic, I was such a Britney stan. These photos of her are gorgeous and probably remain my favourite of hers.... Ever? Probably.

I've collected images that were posted on Pinterest and some others of celebrity photo shoots that have been my favourites for some time, and importantly, fitted this theme. Pictures of Girls Generation's/SNSD and Vanessa Hudgens to be more specific. I seem to have this tendency to liking to such shoots where it seems effortless, natural and hold simplicity.

  So sit back and relax, as I show you hints or romance, greenery, florals, and pretty whites that I've curated together! It's what pulls me through the Summer....Because the scorching heat is certainly not one of them.

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