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Bonus: Princess Mia

Every time we do an outfit post, there’s always a good amount of pictures to choose from. This I am extremely thankful for my girl, Mary, who loves to take multiple shots of every kind! I’m maybe, sort of, picky with photos that I’m in… I think we can all relate right? So as soon as I found out Mary likes to take more than a couple of pictures, we became much more of a dream team. So, there’s always a bunch of outtakes or leftovers from each individual outfit posted thus far, which leads me to this post…

From the last post, The Secret Garden, there were a couple more candids we took that I really wanted to post here because my little monster of a princess, Mia, is in them. These were taken in my room, and they were too good to pass up. So why not share? So down below are some extra shots that Mary got to take, and it turned out great. Mia's definitely a model... When she feels like it, haha. In case you missed it, I did do an official room tour on the blog a couple of months ago! If you want an in-depth look, you can definitely check it out here! Or if you did see it and would like to see it again, I’m not gonna stop you. ;)

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