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Bonus: Princess Mia

Every time we do an outfit post, there’s always a good amount of pictures to choose from. This I am extremely thankful for my girl, Mary, who loves to take multiple shots of every kind! I’m maybe, sort of, picky with photos that I’m in… I think we can all relate right? So as soon as I found out Mary likes to take more than a couple of pictures, we became much more of a dream team. So, there’s always a bunch of outtakes or leftovers from each individual outfit posted thus far, which leads me to this post…

From the last post, The Secret Garden, there were a couple more candids we took that I really wanted to post here because my little monster of a princess, Mia, is in them. These were taken in my room, and they were too good to pass up. So why not share? So down below are some extra shots that Mary got to take, and it turned out great. Mia's definitely a model... When she feels like it, haha. In case you missed it, I did do an official room tour on the blog a couple of months ago! If you want an in-depth look, you can definitely check it out here! Or if you did see it and would like to see it again, I’m not gonna stop you. ;)


Mood Board: A Romantic Touch

 I've always been a fan of mood boards, and I wanted to do a series of them on the blog to showcase how I get inspired on a more general level when I feel like it. Truthfully, what sparked this sudden urge to make this post happen are those Britney Spears photos from her 2001 photo shoot with Rolling Stone magazine, which you'll see soon down below.

I wanted to show why I love Summer because it seemed most fitting since we are in the middle of July. So as soon as I remembered Britney did this shoot way back, I immediately got the motivation to put it together because they summarized everything I want in a Summer. Plus they're pretty nostalgic, I was such a Britney stan. These photos of her are gorgeous and probably remain my favourite of hers.... Ever? Probably.

I've collected images that were posted on Pinterest and some others of celebrity photo shoots that have been my favourites for some time, and importantly, fitted this theme. Pictures of Girls Generation's/SNSD and Vanessa Hudgens to be more specific. I seem to have this tendency to liking to such shoots where it seems effortless, natural and hold simplicity.

  So sit back and relax, as I show you hints or romance, greenery, florals, and pretty whites that I've curated together! It's what pulls me through the Summer....Because the scorching heat is certainly not one of them.


Wardrobe Inspiration: Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung is someone who I think is gorgeous and so on point with her styling choices. She first appeared on reality tv with The Real World: San Diego. I never got into any of the Real World seasons myself, but I do know of the MTV show, and remember hearing she gained fame from that and then pursued to do acting! She's done a great job. You might recognize her from Sucker Punch, The Hangover II, and as Mulan from ABC's Once Upon A Time, to name a few. It was probably when doing promotion for Sucker Punch, I truly took notice of her and her style. From what I've seen, she likes to mix up comfort and style. She also has a way of incorporating prints into her outfits as well. By this time, I think it's fact that I'm a lover of all styles printed! 

Speaking of her style, Jamie herself, also has a blog filled with her outfits, travels, and all that pretty jazz! Here though, I've rounded up with some of my favourite outfits she's worn. Some on the red carpet, some off. If you still love what you see down with the spam, I suggest you take a peek onto her blog and stare at her outfits, because she dresses so well! Such a fan!


Favourites: Blushed

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick in Flamingo / Maybelline Color Elixir in Breathtaking Apricot / Naked's Flushed in Native / Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Captivating / Sigma Brush F10 Powder/Blush

I never used to be someone who relied on face make-up then, and I'm so happy that I found the beauty in them now. They truly enhance your features and it's just so gorgeous. Blush, a bit of bronzer/ highlight and of course lipstick really give me that confidence for tackling my day. Much needed when you feel like a exhausted zombie in the morning. It goes a long way. They are those products that truly look better as your day goes on. It'll meld into this beautiful, dewy glow. It's especially perfect Summer days and nights when you want to achieve that sun-kissed look. Here are some products that I've been loving lately and it's usually a go-to.

I think my favourites hands down, is the Naked Flushed palette and Tarte's blush! For Naked, it's a 3 in 1. Enough said. It's compact and small enough for you to bring on the go. I especially love the highlighter in this one. A little goes a long way with it because it's simply that bright and pigmented. The blush too, adds such a nice pop of colour on the cheeks. Tarte's, on the other hand, is more of a warm peach, and it's so pretty. It doesn't feel like there's so much on, nor does it distract when you do have more of a heavy eye look? It's super perfect for a winged eye though!  

What are your favourites? I feel like there's always more to add. It's a bit concerning realizing how much lipsticks I have, so I only put one for this one. Ha.  

On another note, HAPPY CANADA DAY! I'm inside with the beautiful AC powered on, drinking my Iced Capp and eating my donut from Tim Horton's. I thought it would be fitting.