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Wardrobe Inspiration: Let's Play Dress Up

Dresses, skirts, shorts, and rompers are a must when it comes to the warmer weather. They're pretty much an essential. And lately, more like always, I've been in a pretty dresses kind of mood. I used to never wear dresses, always somehow disliked them. And now I don't know what I was thinking because, not only do you look so put together and chic, but also it takes you what? a second to slip on? I mean I love dressing up and getting ready, but I also can be very lazy! Any shortcut to make me get ready quickly, you'll find me using it. Whenever I'm bored, I like to browse and window-shop online which is dangerous I know, but I love it because it makes me inspired to try different styles, experiment, but also most importantly makes me cry because I'm broke as hell. 

I was on the Anthropologie website and I was so in awe and actually so sad that I've compiled a spam-worthy amount of dresses/rompers that I wish were in my closet right now. A girl can dream right? 

I also left links and the names of each dress, because I am into how brands creatively name their designs, in case you wanted to see more of the details. But also left links so you can cry with me too. 

 Chelsea Paneled Dress - this is more blue on site than it appears to be...

Any favourites? As you can probably tell, I like too much and am so indecisive because so pretty! I just want to wear all of them with the prettiest pair of shoes too, and set off into the sunshine sprinkling flowers and glitter everywhere. What a way to paint the town. 

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