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Favourites: Clothes Encounters + Hey Claire

I love YouTube. I love it because I can spend endless amounts of time watching whatever I please and always find myself feeling inspired. The two beautiful ladies above, are two reasons why I get so excited to watch videos on there. I am subscribed to many fashion/beauty gurus, and I gotta say, these two though are my top favourites! I can't hide it. It makes my day when I see one of their vids in my subscriptions. And knowing they're tight just made it simple for me to post about them two together, because why not? So, today we're going to break down my admiration for Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters and Claire Marshall from HeyClaire, and share the love. Ya ready? 

Reason #1: Videos Content! 
I was first introduced to Clothes Encounters from one of my lovely friends, Diana, who sent me a list of YouTubers she was subscribed to, this being one of them! And when I stumbled upon her channel (at the time, it was her and her bff Sarah!) I was hooked! It was all fashion-style based, with thrifting, styling outfits, etc. There weren't many youtubers who primarily focused on fashion. It was more beauty and make up. So this was refreshing and to see where Jenn has come from then to now, it's amazing! I love how she shares her tips, and breaks down in detail why she chooses which piece to wear and why.
With Claire, I'm pretty sure I found her through watching Jenn's videos, haha. She was either mentioned in on of her videos, or it appeared on the side bar in my recommendations! It was sometime maybe, early....middle of last year? I remember just watching all of her vlogs and just being like, "Yes, she's freaking awesome! I love her tattoos! I love her cat Bruce!" and I instantly subscribed. I love Claire's creativity and originality with the way she specifically edits her videos. She has this certain style and to each video she brings out, they're always amazingly done. 

P.S. SO hard picking out which videos are my favourites above. But seriously ALL of their videos on each channel are worth watching. 

Reason #2: Vlogs! 

If you make a vlog. I will watch. I find them so interesting? Just an insight of someone's daily life? Is that creepy? Yeah? No? Either way, I love them and how these girls vlog? Hearts in my eyes. Can we appreciate as well, their use of music in each video? Love.

Reason #3: They both have killer style. 
Need I say more? 

Reason #4: Instagrams are forever like-worthy. 

Go click and follow, you know you want to... If you haven't! Let's also talk about how gorgeous they are! Like, really gorgeous. 

With social media and the internet really becoming a career platform, I think it's such an innovative way to share what you love, share your ideas, and share your creativity around the world. How cool is that? It takes such hard work, time and dedication to be a YouTuber! And both Jenn and Claire deserve all the success they are getting for doing what they do. I'm so proud at how far they have come, and man I will continually be a fan and avid watcher of theirs. They've inspired me style-wise and also in life in general. They both have their own, distinct style, they're in control and there's no stopping for these ladies. I'm excited for them as they continue to keep on rising! You go, ladies. You go! 

I will now end this post because I think I might have creeped them out if they ever stumbled upon this... Crickets. But... I'm sorry, not even sorry! Hi though if you're on reading! Sending love from Toronto, Canada!  For a bonus, I give you this because they're the cutest. 


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