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Another One Bites the Dust

fringed cardigan: zara / dress: one clothing / shoes: zara / necklace: forever 21 / watch: michael kors 
all photos by: Mary Parayno 
This fringed printed cardigan was something I had to buy because it was just that pretty in store. As soon as I saw this cardigan hanging, I held onto it for dear life walking around Zara, trying to find logic in such a purchase. It's something I knew I would have so much fun with because it's long, light, moves well (I mean look at the fringed bottom!) and the pink with the black and white flowers? I'm in love. That was enough reasoning for me, so I pretty much impulsively bought it and no regrets! Just love. For this outfit, I really wanted the cardigan to stand out and let it be the statement piece, as opposed to colour-blocking or pair it with something more bold, which I  initially wanted to do. This black dress was perfect. It has a nice structure to it, with the fit and the puffiness to the skirt. Plus with the sheer lace panelling, it worked well! And the nude booties was just to add more simplicity to the entire outfit and letting the cardigan do the talking. I loved that I decided to wear this too because it was fairly windy outside! So there's a lot of shots of the cardigan blowing beautifully (and harshly as well) in the wind. I kind of felt like a super hero as it did fly in the wind though so, good choice. 

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