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Favourites: Clothes Encounters + Hey Claire

I love YouTube. I love it because I can spend endless amounts of time watching whatever I please and always find myself feeling inspired. The two beautiful ladies above, are two reasons why I get so excited to watch videos on there. I am subscribed to many fashion/beauty gurus, and I gotta say, these two though are my top favourites! I can't hide it. It makes my day when I see one of their vids in my subscriptions. And knowing they're tight just made it simple for me to post about them two together, because why not? So, today we're going to break down my admiration for Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters and Claire Marshall from HeyClaire, and share the love. Ya ready? 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Emma Stone

I love Emma Stone. She's everything I would want to be, really. She's beautiful, funny, talented, stylish.... You get it. I can also break down a list of videos as to why she's so lovely and hilarious off-screen as well. Firstly while promoting The Amazing Spiderman 2, she cried when Mel B (aka Scary Spice) from the Spice Girls sent her a message via video, here, following this, where Mel C (aka Sporty Spice) skyped with her. Finally this prank involving, you guessed it, the Spice Girls. Can we also focus on Andrew Garfield's entire reaction there though? The best. She's the ultimate fangirl, even showing her hidden talent demonstrating she memorized each of the Spice Girls' autographs. I mean!!!  What made me love these was that there was still a huge, deep excitement for her as a fan. And I feel like I'm not alone feeling these type of fangirl feelings! We're not alone! I think the biggest of them all, that was pretty damn awesome, was her lip-sync battle (Yes, lip-sync) with Jimmy Fallon. And I can't handle it. Amazing. What I love about her is that she isn't afraid to be herself and doesn't take herself too seriously. And for that, I love her! I'm definitely an Emma Stone fangirl. Let's be bff's, Emma. 

Now that I provided you with extensive evidence as to why she's such an awesome gal, what I also want to share (and really, the point of this post, haha) is that her style choices have been just as great! She goes bold with colours, prints, textures, and sigh. I love it all. She does have her signature looks though. You'll see in her down time below, she likes to stay minimal and casual. On the red carpet, there's always a different look. No outfit, really, is the same. She experiments and it's always great looking forward to what she wears next. And for that, I'm inspired from those style choices she wears. Here's another lengthy pic spam of my favourites she's worn on and off the red carpet, that I take cue from when developing my sense of style. 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's style game is so strong, I want to cry. Why? Because I would like to own all the pieces in her closet and magically let it appear in mine. I even dedicated a pinterest board for her because she's that much of a style inspiration for me. She has that romantic-feminine, preppy feel that I love in her style of dressing. She loves her dresses, she loves her oxfords and cardigans, but she also likes to keep it minimal too. Something I feel like I'm becoming more and more into. Down below are some of the many pictures I've chosen as to some that I love and get inspiration from. 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Let's Play Dress Up

Dresses, skirts, shorts, and rompers are a must when it comes to the warmer weather. They're pretty much an essential. And lately, more like always, I've been in a pretty dresses kind of mood. I used to never wear dresses, always somehow disliked them. And now I don't know what I was thinking because, not only do you look so put together and chic, but also it takes you what? a second to slip on? I mean I love dressing up and getting ready, but I also can be very lazy! Any shortcut to make me get ready quickly, you'll find me using it. Whenever I'm bored, I like to browse and window-shop online which is dangerous I know, but I love it because it makes me inspired to try different styles, experiment, but also most importantly makes me cry because I'm broke as hell. 

I was on the Anthropologie website and I was so in awe and actually so sad that I've compiled a spam-worthy amount of dresses/rompers that I wish were in my closet right now. A girl can dream right? 

I also left links and the names of each dress, because I am into how brands creatively name their designs, in case you wanted to see more of the details. But also left links so you can cry with me too.