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In the Neighbourhood

jacket: thrifted / top: zara / pants: lord & taylor / shoes: forever 21 / necklace: urban outfitters / sunglasses: urban outfitters / watch, bracelet: michael kors, aldo / ring: a christmas gift / bag: aldo
all photos by: Mary Parayno

And hello! Long time, no see. I won't bore you with excuses, but better late than never right? I've been in a slump, so I'm happy I have at least something to share and post on here, because I do love to do it. It's fun. What's great about the posts on here so far is that coincidentally, the outfits I plan on wearing that day tend to fit the setting we're in. All happy accidents, and they're the best! This time, most of the pictures feature a lot of brown and green elements, and man, it turned out awesome. I will say this though, those flats have been horrible to break into, and I had to literally limp all the way around town. The shot of me sitting fixing my shoes? Yeah, that was when I had to put band-aids on my poor ankles. I'm still recovering from the pain. Also the cat? Cute but scary. She or he didn't seem to like me as much, as she/he kept hissing. So, I'm assuming we're not going to be bffs anytime soon. 

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