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Wardrobe Inspiration: Black and Whites

1. Emma Watson 2. Emma Stone 3. Shailene Woodley 4. Shay Mitchell 5. Jamie Chung
1. Aldo: Servana 2. Forever 21: Nautical Wedge Sandals 3. Aldo: Trelli

The way I try to provide content for this blog is when I strongly see a repetition with the styles I like. If I notice some sort common theme with the pictures I like, reblog on Tumblr, maybe pin on Pinterest, or literally creepily go "Oooooooh. I want it" out loud might I add... That's where I go, I think I should blog about it! 

So lately, I have been on an all white and black combo phase. It's the trend that doesn't seem to fade and such a classic go-to. There's something easy and chic about the two colours, separate or together, bring. For me, I think it's also the fact that you can always match and be versatile with such colours. My most recent purchases are either black, white, striped, you get the gist. I can't help it! You can add more to the canvas or stay minimalist with the look. Up above, I picked some of my favourite looks recently from ladies whose style I've admired for some time! So gorgeous and so put together. 

The shoes on the other hand are my weakness. I think shoes in those two colours add something cool to an outfit. Did that make sense? Something really attractive. Sure, red pumps always look killer but sometimes red restricts you from wearing more with it because it is such a bold colour. (This is also why I love this colour combo in attire, because you can pair it with bold shoes and tada! Like Emma Stone did with yellow pumps above!) I also seem to have a wedge, ankle strap obsession going on too. I'm short, I like added height! And wedges are comfier than the standard heel, let's be real. I do have the black Aldo Trelli's which are divine, and just recently purchased the Aldo Servana's online, which I've been eying on since Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters mentioned they were from Aldo! I can't wait to wear them and pair it off with jeans or skirts. I'm ready for you, Spring season.