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From Paris, with Love

 jacket: dorothy perkins / sweater: dorothy perkins / skirt: forever 21 / belt: thrifted / boots: call it spring / necklace: forever 21 / sunglasses: Aldo 
all photos by: Mary Parayno
At this point in time, I don't even know what warmer weather feels like! These were shot in the sunshine and man, we got lucky! It was still windy and yeah, still cold, but I'll take sun versus the snow and harsher wind chills any day. These were shot at Kensington Market, and I'm happy we were able to find some awesome back drops. I'm glad I went for something a little simple in my attire, because the the walls we found were colourful, bold and so unique that it would have clashed otherwise. Dark greens have been a favourite, and seeing the sweater and the skirt were the same shade, I was like why not make it look like a dress?! I added a neon pink belt, just to add contrast and a touch of colour! If it weren't so cold, I would have been able to take off the jacket and you would have probably seen more clearly the cute squirrel on the sweater. Cute animals on sweaters are adorable and if I could wear them everyday, I would.

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