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Decor Inspiration: My Room Tour

Welcome to my room! It's been a while in the making. Just in the last year, I've decided to change up the decor/theme, and it transformed. Some of the things seen in my room have been in my room for years, it's just now that I began to utilize them and grown an appreciation. Thanks Mom. And so, this room has definitely blossomed into that simple, feminine feel I was hoping for. It's still a touch of girly but more matured. I mean, this used to be the room I used to share with my sister when we were little!  It's been through a lot. It's grown up with me. 

Part 1: Audrey Was Her Name: 
Audrey Hepburn was such a beautiful woman. I love her beauty and her style so much that when I saw this canvas, I wanted it. Right away, my sister got it for me for Christmas a couple of years back. My favourite part is the pop of pink on her lips.  
My dream for the longest time (I have a lot of random dream bucket lists, don't judge me) was to have a mannequin dress form. It seemed so unattainable at the time because I didn't know where to find one. This one is from Winners! It was a total accident and it wasn't what I initially wanted. However, it seemed to fit the room so well with the specific design, so why not? Her name, I decided, is Cinderella because of the tulle skirt.... Creative, I know.  I decided to add the hat and the gold necklace for a random touch. Beside her is my mess of a closet, which is another story. 

The carpet is probably the piece that helped make the room more cozy and chic. It's such a great canvas for photos and it pulls the room together so nicely. 
The fake purple lilacs were actually in a brown pot with leaves, and I decided to tear them apart and place them in the owl's head. The drawers, I decided to conceal the insides with some teared up pages from old magazines I had lying around. 
The three white frames on top of the bed and the animal art are from Ikea! The flower printed picture in the round frame is actually a plastic bag I got from shopping, haha.

As for the headboard, I used to have a big, clunky headboard. It was purple, round, heavy, and it had geometric shapes along side the middle.... I don't know. It was tacky and totally seemed like it was from the '90s. For a while, I just added a piece of fabric on top so it wouldn't be too much but nah. We threw the headboard out (it was time) and used a rod and curtains! More fresh and clean! Then I added this floral vine I found at the dollar store, twinkling gem lights, and this acorn ornament I got as a gift.

Those purple frames (look at the floral pattern detailing on the frame itself!) and that chandelier-like piece on the ceiling used to be in this room for the longest time, and I used to hate them so much! My mom found those frames at a yard sale for maybe 2 dollars? The chandelier? Yard sale too. The treasures you find when you thrift can be amazing. I love them so much now, and so glad my mom decided to place them in the room to begin with. 

On the shelf: A mirror frame, a cute pink alarm clock, a box cover, my journal (not the best place to put it but, hey, it matches and it's a easy place to grab it when I need it), a cupcake teapot which was a lovely gift (Thanks Diana and Jacqui!), and a lamp shade.

Part 2: It Takes a Village
The bright halo around the mirror are some random Christmas lights. Also, this mirror is probably the coolest. This gem was somewhere thrifted, and what I love about it is the ledge and the hooks on the side! I hang some jewelry but mostly headbands so it's out of the way. 
This desk is another long time piece that's been in my room! Once it became a part of the room, it was just a wallpaper cover underneath a glass top. Now, even then, I knew this wasn't going to be enough. The collages have gone through different phases from different magazines. This is the final product. My favourite mag cut out is the one that quotes, "I shop therefore I am." It speaks to me.

The polaroids on the wall are actually cards! I saw this box of polaroid love note cards at Aldo, and I thought it was the cutest thing. I decided to revamp this portion of the wall (It used to be a bulletin board and my white board calendar) and simply used tape. And this white frame collage I got for 10 bucks at Winners. Aw, yeah.
What's on my desk? It's sort of more so used as a vanity, so lots of make up (hence the village title reference) so: make up brushes, make up, candles, a birthday card, a glimpse of a photo of some beautiful Damers ;), a calendar agenda I re-decorated with scrapbook paper, and an elephant just because.

Part 3: Land of Paper Roses
I can't take the credit. The floral wall paper and platform was my mom's idea. She did that so long ago, back to when I was younger, and again I didn't understand it. However, now I am so appreciative of what she did, and again, a happy decor accident! It works along side the room after all this time. The wall art up on top is my favourite. The colours go with everything.
The tray (Yes, again, floral) was actually thrifted! A cool shoe box I kept from years ago for another level to place things: another teapot gift, mirror, and Marc Jacobs' perfumes, and more make up. 
This is actually a bulletin board with hooks. I found this at Winners on sale for 13 bucks! Such a steal. Again, I did a collage and from time to time, I change it up. On the hooks, all my necklaces!

Part 4: Library of Accessories 
 This is literally the latest change. Literally from the last month or so. I really wanted to de-clutter this corner because this used to be two smaller racks of shoes, and a load of bags hung on top. I wanted to buy a bookcase from Ikea or something and use that to showcase the shoes. It wasn't until my dad mentioned that we had these shelves that used to be in the living room on its lonesome downstairs in storage, and tada. It's still a work in progress, not the neatest, but it'll do for now!
 This is probably the messiest corner ever, but this is how I hang my belts, using a hanger and little hooks, and then more bags hung by a hook added to the side.The rest of my bag collection is in the shorter closet there. There's my full-length mirror, and on the bottom is a empty bulletin board and a painting my sister did of the Beatles on Abbey Road, from her Art class. I still need to frame it! 
 So beside my main white closet, it's this smaller one, like a pantry of some sort. Inside are more of my winter accessories, scarves, jackets, shoes, bags... It's an overload, haha. It was short enough though for me to make the top a shelf! So there's a lot of magazines, a couple of fashion books, and little knick-knacks. I mean the little kids kissing up on top? Cute. 
  On top of my main closet, is still under construction. More clutter, more things I have to decide to put elsewhere (I'll admit, I'm a rat pack... Maybe a bit of an hoarder), but here we have Hello Kitty and Cuddles the golden retriever pup! They're watching you. Haha, I'm still a kid at heart, I can't part with them.

Phew. You've made it! If you've read and looked at each picture, I give you kudos. Thank you so much! I really wanted to show the details, hence the massive amount of photos and blurbs! There's still a part of me that I want to creatively do to my room. I'm always looking for ways to change things up, but I think I've reached my limit, haha. Challenge is accepted though. Sooner or later, new ideas will come and change might happen, but I'm satisfied with the end result thus far.

From this, I learned that:
1. Moms do know best.
2. Thrift finds are also the best and can be the best features in a room.
3. I love sales.
4. I love floral prints and flowers. So many florals.

I enjoy decorating my room. It's my happy place after all! I really wanted it to be a place where I know I can go to, be comfortable and de-stress, as it should. I also want it to be decorated in such a way as a reminder to remember to be inspired, and use my mind to think outside the box. Ooooh, the cheese. It's true though! Most of all, I hope you've enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together! 'Til then!

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