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Decor Inspiration: My Room Tour

Welcome to my room! It's been a while in the making. Just in the last year, I've decided to change up the decor/theme, and it transformed. Some of the things seen in my room have been in my room for years, it's just now that I began to utilize them and grown an appreciation. Thanks Mom. And so, this room has definitely blossomed into that simple, feminine feel I was hoping for. It's still a touch of girly but more matured. I mean, this used to be the room I used to share with my sister when we were little!  It's been through a lot. It's grown up with me. 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

 I was first introduced to Olivia on The Hills spin-off series The City, and was enamoured with how she carried herself, how she dressed, and how she always had perfect hair. Always. As I became more familiar with her, I became such a fan of her sense of style. She dresses effortlessly, whether on her down time or at an event. She also isn't afraid to mix it up as well. In this case she's definitely one of my style icons, and when I'm in a slump, I sometimes go look at shots of her to give me a style boost. Here are some (more like many) looks I found that I love! So let's end this rambling and enjoy the pic spam.